Creating Backyard Brilliance, one pool at a time!

Outdoor Living Solutions

Clarity Pools takes outdoor spaces and constructs, develops, and enhances them, effectively extending your livable space and increasing the value of your home. Locally owned and family-operated by Jeff Moore, Clarity Pools has vast experience, countless satisfied clients, and specialized knowledge.

Jeff is personally committed to his work, guarantees his work, and enjoys what he does. Put those three together, and you get what’s called “value.” In today’s climate and beyond, that’s what you want for your home. And that’s what Jeff and his crew at Clarity Pools have to offer.

Whether you’re ready to begin your project or simply have questions, Jeff and his crew are ready to help every step of the way.

Comforts of Home

Just like turning a house into a  home, creating a quality outdoor living space requires an investment of  time as much as materials. What defines such a place? It’s inviting,  comfortable, welcoming.

Establishing such takes ability,  experience, and a personal investment in the effort. And that definition  includes both you and the people doing the work.

Taking the Inside Out

An outdoor living space is simply a  great, cost-efficient home improvement. In Texas, it’s triply so,  because if they’re built right-like Jeff builds them-you’ll have a  pleasant outdoor space for three out of four seasons.  And you can enjoy  them year after year.

Increasing  Marketability

Improving your home is always a good  investment. In the current economic environment, people are staying  put. Adding to your home’s value is the right thing to do-it positions  you well for when the market improves and people start buying again.  When the time is right to sell, having an outdoor living space makes  your home more marketable than residences that don’t.

Regardless of whether you plan to  stay in your home or are looking to sell when the market warms, let  Outdoor Living Spaces help increase the value of your home.