Creating Backyard Brilliance, one pool at a time!

Waterfalls and Grottos

Swimming pool waterfalls from Clarity Pools will add an affect of drama to an otherwise mundane in ground swimming pool. In addition to the form and style of a typical pool itself, the location of your pool and the surrounding landscape can play a factor in deciding which type of Clarity Pools waterfall best matches the swimming pool. Waterfalls can connect your pool and Back yard, add a touch of nature while masking something very unnatural or make the horizon indistinguishable from the pool itself.

Natural rock waterfall grottos are one of the ultimate water features to add to an in ground swimming pool. Imagine sitting underneath a natural pool waterfalls rock grotto with water cascading in front of you. Clarity Pools in McKinney Texas builds each and every grotto from concrete stone look and feel real for the quality our customer’s deserve. A natural look rock grotto will have a large natural stone with a bench under it with water falling in front of your eyes. The size of these grottos range from a 3′ which is for one person to sit underneath or a 5′ which allows four or more people to sit underneath. So for the ultimate in a rock pool waterfall feature please talk to your Clarity Pools design consultant McKinney and Collin County about if a grotto would be best for your families new in ground pool. If you would like an estimate. Contact Us